creating personal soundtracks

"If music be the food of LOVE, play on" ~ William Shakespeare

Music is not merely the sustenance of love, it is love in a tangible medium. The beautiful combination of mathematics, logic, and emotion, and deejaying is an art that makes it all accessible.  My goal, when deejaying is to weave together sounds and songs in ways that simultaneously evoke personal reactions for the listener, but also unify crowds with a mutual appreciation and understanding.  My goal is to create your personal soundtrack and then make you want to share it with everyone around you.  

"All the worlds a stage cast by cadavers and conformists, who will dare the hubris to stray from the chorus" ~ Travis Skinner.

The above quote is part of a poem I wrote years ago, and represents a theory that I like to infuse into all aspects of my life.  The ideology applies to DJing as well.  Many people call themselves DJs, but few study the history of the art, and constantly try to diversify their knowledge of music from classical, RnB, and pop, to hip hop, top 40, and dance.  I love the history of music and how, like everything else, elements of music tend to repeat themselves.  I love that great hip hop producers like J Dilla sampled Bobby Caldwell for one of Common's biggest hits and that the original sample for Coolio's "C U When You Get There" was Pachelbel's Cannon in D.  Which, is also sampled by Bob James for one of his classic jazz albums.  I love how these cyclical elements have manifested throughout musical history and can ultimately be combined by DJs in an incredible yet relatable way.

I mention these elements because I believe having a well rounded knowledge of music, its history, and the elements and techniques of DJing, like mixing, beat matching, and composition, are important to providing others the best product and experience possible.  I strive to do that every day, and so every day I stray from the chorus.

About this website:  This website provides information about my DJing experience, services I can provide, and insight into who I am professionally and personally.  Please feel free to take a look at the various pages which include pictures, social media links, mixes I have recorded, and practical and administrative informational elements.  Please also feel free to contact me with any questions.